• Epoxy Floor Coatings

    Protect against moisture, vapor, heavy traffic or chemicals.

  • Concrete Color Stencil

    Add a unique look to a common concrete floor.
  • Revealed Polished Aggregate

    A distinct look for your business.
  • Multiple Colors Stained Concrete

    Add a very unique look to your floors.

Concrete Polishing & Concrete Floor Services For Your Minnesota & Midwestern Business or Facility. Concrete Treatments Knows It’s Your Floor, Your Image.

Concrete Treatments is your concrete polishing and flooring expert in Minnesota and the Midwest providing concrete services for commercial and civic projects.  More and more architects and civil engineers are utilizing concrete as a finished flooring surface and using Concrete Treatments as their preferred Concrete Flooring Contractor. Our services include polished concrete, epoxy coatingpolished terrazzodecorative concrete and repair.  Our staff can help you with any concrete flooring need.


These are our most requested services. Please visit the services page for a full list of our capabilities.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

We provide epoxy flooring options that withstand moisture, vapor, heavy traffic or chemicals. We are one of Minnesota’s largest, most trusted, and reliable epoxy floor coating contractors. Our highly skilled staff work are experts in epoxy flooring and will work with you to ensure the least amount of disruption possible to your business or home. Learn More

Polished Terrazzo

Polished Terrazzo is much more than just an impressive floor for your facility.  It is a flooring system that creates an easy to maintain surface that offers a durable, aesthetic finish. Learn More

Decorative Concrete

The versatility of concrete is undeniable.  Decorative concrete offers everything from simple patterns to an elaborate design.  Concrete Treatments will help you select the right stain, dye, custom saw cut, polish or finish to offer unmatched options in decorative concrete. Learn More

Coating, Cleaning & Sealing

The key to a long lasting and beautiful concrete floor lies in high pressure steam technology to clean and rejuvenate.  For both an indoor concrete floor or a seemingly hopeless outdoor floor, we can clean, coat and seal your concrete floor surface. Learn More

Surface Prep & Repair

Concrete surface preparation is critical in any flooring situation. If the surface hasn't been properly prepared, the resulting layers of epoxy, tile or carpet may not adhere properly. Learn More

Commercial & Facility Floors

We can help you select, install, polish, refinish and repair the right concrete floor for your business or organization.

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