10 Ways to Keep Your “Cool”

Here are a few ways for you to beat the heat this summer.


  1. Revisit your childhood and turn on the sprinklers! If you feel too silly running through your back yard jumping the sprinkler stream, set it up under a lawn chair and kick back and relax. Ahh.
  2. Challenge your buddies to a water fight. Dig out the buckets and pails, squirt guns and water bottles; whatever you can find to throw some water around.
  3. Hit up the local pool, lake, fountain, swimming hole and just get soaking wet. Bring a raft or flotation device and just lounge in the water for awhile.
  4. Make an icy cold dessert: either homemade ice cream or homemade popsicles. Then, sit on your front porch and enjoy the fruits of your labor. ;)
  5. Find an indoor ice arena, lace up your skates and have an ice skating party with a bunch of friends.
  6. Play “Limbo” with a stream of water from the hose instead of a broomstick. See just how low you can go before you get all wet.
  7. Got itchy feet? Take a trip somewhere cool. Check out some new scenery. Find either a climate that’s moderate year round, or go to the extremes: Alaska, the Arctic circle, Antarctica, the Alps…
  8. If you need to “travel” somewhere cooler without spending lots of money to get there, schedule a trip to your local library. Chill out in the air conditioned library as you journey through the pages of the adventure of your choice.
  9. Too hot to sleep? Throw your sheets in a big zip lock bag and toss them in the freezer for a couple of hours. When you are ready to retire for the night, take them out and make the bed with them and you can climb into blissful, cool bedding. Pleasant dreams!
  10. If you must work outside, keep hydrated! Drink lots of water, not caffeine, and avoid the sun as much as possible. Take breaks in the shade to rest and cool down.


Go on and enjoy your summer!