Concrete Coating Company

Concrete Treatments specializes in concrete coating applications in the State of Minnesota.  We work with you to determine the best solution for your surfaces situation. Whether your surface needs an industrial floor coating to withstand machinery and equipment use or a commercial floor coating to withstand a high volume of foot traffic we have the expertise. Avoid costly resurfacing by treating your existing concrete floor with our concrete coating services.  You’ll be amazed and what can be achieved with proper coating and sealing of your concrete.

Our concrete coating installers will apply your concrete floor coatings using industry standard techniques. All of our floor coating systems utilize industrial grade materials. We always apply at the proper film thicknesses, proper temperature ranges and proper environmental conditions. So depending on the job, some months in Minnesota will be better than others. All edging work is completed by hand to ensure clean, straight, and crisp lines.

Call Concrete Treatments today and find out for yourself why Minnesota chooses us to be their floor coatings company of choice for commercial and industrial projects.