Polished concrete is chosen not only because of its beauty and durability but also for its ease of maintenance, long-term cost effectiveness and increased light reflectivity.  Our concrete polishing services give your concrete floor the shine, durability and finish you expect and more.

Polished Concrete Floor Services

Our industrial diamond polishing process is revolutionary in creating a floor that is both beautiful in appearance and extremely easy to maintain.

Polished concrete is an excellent floor application for:

Any floor in the office, or retail space can instantly be transformed into a masterpiece with polished concrete floors. Concrete Treatments recommends the use of concrete flooring for its unique characteristics. Concrete floor polishing is a sophisticated process that calls for the use of diamonds to first sand the concrete in order to create a smooth surface, similar to the method of sanding wood. Each individual step makes use of a different grit increment in order to produce a smoother and more reflective surface flooring.  Vacuum polishing in the end results in a fume-free process to create spectacular floors.

Fully Customizable

Concrete may come in standard gray but it does not mean you are forever stuck with it.  The beauty of concrete is that it is fully customizable and we can stain or dye it in order to blend or complement any color design palette.  Concrete staining can change the color of concrete itself and will serve to augment the polished feel and look of your floors.

We concrete can create stunning floors for you by scoring, adding radial lines and other designs. Concrete when it is wet is a blank canvas that can be molded into almost any shape, pattern or design to complement the interiors or exteriors of your business.  With the addition of borders, polished concrete can be enhanced further. This provides a finishing touch and is a stylish means to offer an inherent sense of design.

New and polished concrete flooring offers a lot of possibilities such as the integration of decorative aggregates like granite; river stone and black basalt mix inside the concrete itself.  On top of that, you can also add decorative aggregates on the surface like porcelain chips, glass and seashells.

Removal of Dusting from Efflorescence

Efflorescence is the process by which minute dust particles are pushed to the surface by an upward force and happens in ordinary unpolished concrete floors. This continuous expulsion of dust to the surface is commonly known as dusting.  By creating a polished concrete floor we remove this dusting process entirely resulting in a healthier and cleaner surface for you and your family.

Resistance from Staining

We can transform your floor into a stain-resistant surface through polishing as the process converts porous concrete into a more compact and tight surface that offers enough density to resist water, oil and other debris from being able to seep through the surface layer.

Saves you Money

The cost to create a polished concrete floor ultimately will depend on the complexity of the floor, whether it is new or just being retrofitted as well as how much customization you like. What is good to know is that polished concrete floors is one of the most cost effective flooring choices you will ever have. It is more affordable than hardwood or ceramic tile and definitely cheaper than natural stone.

Make Old Floors Good as New

Already have an existing concrete floor? No problem. We can transform any floor to make it look brand spanking new.  This is done by removing the top damaged or worn out surface and then strengthening the concrete beneath. If you have old, deteriorating or worn out concrete floors we can make it stronger, more impact and abrasion resistant and more beautiful through our polished concrete floor process.

You Get Better Lighting

When you have a more reflective floor surface, you will instantly notice the difference on how light affects the floor and everything else in the room. Not only will your room look more beautiful it will also lower your electricity bills too.  There is no other floor system capable of doing that than polished concrete flooring.

Slip Resistant and Safer

The concrete floor might look reflective and look like glass after polishing but will register better friction co-efficient when compared to ordinary concrete. This means better slip resistance and a safer floor overall.

Lower Maintenance Efforts

Compared to other floor systems including ordinary concrete, polished concrete floors does not need intense scrubbing as the surface is very tightly compacted that it can easily repel spills such as oil, paint and other substances. This means that cleaning is easier and more convenient.  There is no need to wax or strip it.

Very Little or Zero Downtime upon Installation

What is amazing about polished concrete floors is the fact that you can us it immediately after the process is finished. No downtime.  This is due to the cleanliness of the procedure and the absence of any toxic or hazardous chemical components.

Overall Beautiful Flooring

With polished concrete, your floors will look like expensive marble without the added cost and maintenance. There is no other flooring that offers you this much adaptability.

Why settle for ordinary floors when you can have fabulous polished concrete floors that require less maintenance, are easy on the eyes and create a better and more functional flooring surface? Let us make this a reality for you.