Concrete patio before sealer

Depending on the needs and traffic of your commercial or industrial facility, there are various concrete floor sealing options. Wether the floor is a new slab or a old slab in need of renovation, we have concrete sealing options that will fit your budget and needs.

Concrete Floor Sealing Options:

1. Sealing New Concrete Slabs: When a new concrete slabs are poured there is typically a sealer or curing agent that is applied. However often times its a lower quality, cheaper sealer. Specifying the right sealer for you concrete floor is your choice. There are penetrating sealers that harden the slab and seal it from dust, but there are also dissipating sealers that are just intended for the curing process. In addition, some light grinding can be done before the slab is sealed to open up the pores and allow better penetration of the sealer into the concrete.

2. Sealing Old Concrete Slabs: When a concrete floor is older and had years of use you can recall see the signs. There will probably be tire marks, multiple stains, and possibly some damage and chipping. To clean and re-seal is a good option for a new start on an old concrete floor. If you are currently utilizing the space or the space is empty, Concrete Treatments can help reseal and repair your concrete flooring to looking new.

3. Polish and Sealing Concrete: For a the most-effective concrete floor sealing project, polishing the concrete in addition to sealing it provides a cost-effective and low maintenance flooring. Many retailers, warehouses, and manufacturing plants are switching to a polished and sealed concrete floor because of the ease of maintenance.

Types of Concrete Floor Sealers Available:

1. Penetrating Floor Sealers: A penetrating concrete floor sealer is a great way to harden your concrete and make it dust proof. A lithium silicate densifier is a best practice, and one Concrete Treatments recommends for your concrete floor sealer because of it’s superior sealing ability.

2. Topical Floor Sealers (Coatings): If the concrete floor is in need of chemical or acid resistance, a chemical or acid resistant coating is recommended to protect the concrete. Because these are topical and not penetrating sealers, there is going to be surface prep and a replacement cost once the sealer has worn away.