Polished Terrazzo is much more than just an impressive floor for your facility.  It is a flooring system that creates an easy to maintain surface that offers a durable, aesthetic finish.

High Traffic Floors

Polished Terrazzo is ideal for high traffic areas and facilities such as schools, airports, government buildings, convention centers, hotels and hospitals.  The wax-less, cost effective and beautiful shine of a Terrazzo floor installed and serviced by Concrete Treatments is a perfect flooring choice for your organization or company.

Terrazzo Floor Process

The surface of the Terrazzo floor is ground with industrial metal diamond tooling, attached to an 850 lb planetary floor grinder.  This removes any imperfections and wax build-up from the floor.  This is imperative in exposing the fresh Terrazzo that has been hidden underneath the surface.

Once the floor has been removed of imperfections and the fresh Terrazzo is revealed, resin diamond flooring is used to bring the floor up to the desired level of shine.  Your floor will be transformed into a beautiful, cost effective and easy to maintain floor.

To keep the lustrous shine for years to come, the Concrete Treatments Polished Terrazzo system only requires occasional use of a diamond impregnated pad on your floor scrubber.