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Concrete Treatments is your concrete polishing and flooring expert in Eden Prairie. We are a concrete flooring contractor providing concrete services for commercial and industrial projects.  Through our commitment to perfection, our mission is to collaborate with you to provide your business or industry with an durable concrete flooring application. More and more architects and civil engineers are utilizing concrete as a finished flooring surface. Concrete Treatments is their preferred concrete flooring contractor.

We Are Trusted Concrete Flooring Contractor in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Our concrete flooring services include:

Our staff can help you with any concrete flooring need.

Concrete Flooring Experts

Our staff prides itself on having the experience and knowledge to provide the best in concrete flooring services.  We listen to your needs, problems and ideas and work with you to identify the right flooring solution.

With many flooring solutions, we are the right choice for your concrete flooring needs.

Seeing Is Believing

We understand that visuals are a great way to convey our offering.  Our website has been created to include numerous visual elements as well as details on our concrete services.

See what we have to offer, then you can contact us to inquire about a free consultation or a live demonstration of our services.

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Best Epoxy Floor Coating Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Concrete Treatment’s has the knowledge and expertise, that was gained over years, for any epoxy flooring needs you may have. We install epoxy floor coatings to meet a wide range of budgets, applications, wear and tear and project timelines. We specialize in commercial, residential, manufacturing, retail, and office projects in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota area.

We provide epoxy flooring options that withstand {moisture|water|wet environments], vapor, heavy traffic or chemicals. We are one of Eden Prairie contractors. Our highly talented staff are experts in epoxy flooring and will work with you to ensure the least amount of disruption possible to your business or home.

Epoxy Floor Coating Features & Benefits for Eden Prairie Specifically

We think that epoxy is one of the best concrete coatings available in Eden Prairie. There are many reasons you should be considering epoxy floors for your next project or your garage.

  1. Durable – Resistant to road salt, gasoline, oil and other chemicals
  2. Safe – Anti-slip material and textures help make the floor slip resistant
  3. Clean – Wax free and easy to upkeep with just some soap & water
  4. Customizable – Tons of color and texture combos
  5. Renewable – Coating can be revitalized in just 1 day after decades of use
  6. Looks Good – Helps to hide dirt, debris and years of use
  7. Reduces Sound – Some concrete coatings offered are a flexible surface that softens foot traffic & cart noise
  8. Economical – Cost effective alternative to pre-engineered flooring
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Concrete Floor Polishing Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Looking to have some concrete floor polishing done in Eden Prairie, Minnesota?

Polished concrete is chosen not only because of its great looks and durability but also for its ease of maintenance, long-term cost effectiveness and increased light reflectivity.  Our concrete polishing services give your concrete floor the shine, durability and finish you expect and more.

Concrete is just about everywhere you look and is used regularly in commercial, retail and industrial applications. Often it is left untreated, dull, gross and gray colored. However, more and more businesses and industries are benefiting from a process that polishes, colors and makes concrete beautiful. Not to mention extremely durable.

Concrete polishing is not a new concept. If you have been to sports stadiums or big box retailers like Costco, you most likely walked on polished concrete coatings without even knowing it. Now you can find polished concrete in even more places like restaurants, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, commercial businesses and industrial settings. The uses for polished concrete are limitless and budget friendly. Polished concrete in Eden Prairie is typically less expensive compared to other floor treatments and lasts longer.

Concrete coatings on floors in Eden Prairie can by polished to a very low shine just to keep them easy to clean, or they can be polished to a mirror like surface that will reflect light and are great looking. Polished floors are the ultimate no-wax flooring material. Easy to maintain, low cost, limitless options and superior durability.

Why Use Polished Concrete For Your Floors?

You might think that concrete floor coatings are an unnecessary waste of time and money on a merely aesthetic issue. However, there are many reasons why your retail business, government office or industrial site should polish its concrete. Consider these key points.

  • Long Lasting – Polished concrete typically lasts up to seven times longer than surface sealed concrete, and can last up to 20 to 30 years.
  • Low cost – Polished concrete supports heavy foot or vehicle traffic and does not need to be periodically replaced like other flooring systems.
  • Low maintenance – If you have a mop and a gentle soap, you have all the tools you need to keep your polished concrete clean. Its sealed surface repels contaminants like dirt, oil, grease, moss and mildew. Very hygienic and low-allergy!
  • Looks – Polish your concrete to a simple low shine or a dazzling mirrored gloss. Revealing the stones inside the concrete (aggregate) provides a riverbed or terrazzo effect that easily competes with the looks of marble or granite.
  • Tons of options – Colors, shells, glass and metal pieces can all be added to enhance the look of an already amazing polished concrete surface.
  • LEED – Polished concrete meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design requirements. If your facility is aiming for a LEED Gold or LEED Silver certification, polished concrete is one way to help achieve it.
  • Light – Polished concrete improves the ambient light level in your building by reflecting light back off the floor instead of absorbing it.

Our industrial diamond polishing process is revolutionary in creating a floor that is both beautiful in appearance and extremely easy to maintain. Not only that, but they will last for a lifetime!

Polished concrete is an excellent floor application for:

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Concrete Coating Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Concrete Treatments specializes in concrete coating applications in Eden Prairie, MN.  We sit down with you to determine the best solution for your surfaces situation.

We Are The Top Choice Of Concrete Coating Contractor in Eden Prairie


Whether your surface needs an industrial floor concrete coating to withstand machinery and equipment use, or a commercial floor coating to withstand a high volume of foot traffic, we have the knowledge. Avoid costly resurfacing by treating your existing concrete floor with our concrete coating services.  You’ll be amazed and what can be achieved with proper coating and sealing of your concrete.

Our concrete coating installers will apply your concrete floor coatings using industry standard techniques. All of our floor coating systems utilize industrial grade materials. We always apply at the proper film thicknesses, proper temperature ranges and proper environmental conditions. So depending on the job, some months in Eden Prairie will be better than others. All edging work is completed by hand to ensure clean, straight, and crisp lines.

Call Concrete Treatments today and find out for yourself why Minnesota chooses us to be their concrete coatings contractor of choice for commercial and industrial projects.

Concrete Sealing Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Depending on the stipulations and traffic of your commercial or industrial facility, there are lots of concrete sealing options available. Wether the floor is a new slab or a old slab in need of renovation, we have concrete sealing options that will fit your budget and needs.

Concrete Floor Sealing Options:

As the go to concrete sealing contractor in the Eden Prairie area, we can help you with all of these sealing options.

1. Sealing New Concrete Slabs: When a new concrete slabs are poured there is typically a sealer or curing agent that is applied. However often times its a lower quality, cheaper sealer. Specifying the right sealer for you concrete floor is your choice. There are penetrating sealers that make the slab hard and seal it from dust, but there are also dissipating sealers that are just intended for the curing process. In addition, some light grinding can be done before the slab is sealed to open up the pores and allow better penetration of the sealer into the concrete.

2. Sealing Old Concrete Slabs: When a concrete floor is older and had years of use you can recall see the signs. There will probably be tire marks, multiple stains, and possibly some damage and chipping. To clean and re-seal is a good option for a new start on an old concrete floor. If you are currently utilizing the space or the space is empty, Concrete Treatments can help reseal and repair your concrete flooring to looking new.

3. Polish and Sealing Concrete: For a the most-effective concrete floor sealing project, polishing the concrete in addition to sealing it provides a cost-effective and low maintenance flooring. Many retailers, warehouses, and manufacturing plants are switching to a polished and sealed concrete floor because of the ease of maintenance.

Types of Concrete Sealers Available:

1. Penetrating Floor Sealers: A penetrating concrete floor sealer is a great way to harden your concrete and make it dust proof. A lithium silicate densifier is a best practice, and one Concrete Treatments recommends for your concrete floor sealer because of it’s superior sealing ability.

2. Topical Floor Sealers (Coatings): If the concrete floor is in need of chemical or acid resistance, a chemical or acid resistant coating is recommended to protect the concrete. Because these are topical and not penetrating sealers, there is going to be surface prep and a replacement cost once the sealer has worn away.

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Decorative Concrete Contractor Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Concrete flooring is no longer plain, gray and boring, it is now viewed as a beautiful decorative element.  From expansive new facilities with elaborate colors and designs to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning, stained concrete floor, the attraction is continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete for decorating, especially in homes and offices.

With decorative concrete flooring, the options for adding stunning visual effects to your home, office or retail space are more attractive than ever.  The finishes can be unique as you are, with artistic patterns, borders and stencils.  Concrete Treatments can customize your floor to your specifications.

Terrazzo Floors Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Polished Terrazzo is much more than just an impressive floor for your business or facility.  It is a flooring system that creates an care free surface that offers a durable, aesthetic finish.

Want the Best Terrazzo Floor Contractor in Eden Prairie?

Concrete Treatments has been specializing in polished Terrazzo flooring for many years. We have a vast experience and knowledge in doing Terrazzo so rest assured you are in good hands.

High Traffic Floors

Polished Terrazzo is ideal for high traffic areas and facilities such as schools, airports, government buildings, convention centers, hotels and hospitals.  The wax-less, cost effective and beautiful shine of a Terrazzo floor installed and serviced by Concrete Treatments is a perfect flooring choice for your organization or company in Eden Prairie.

Terrazzo Floor Process

The surface of the Terrazzo floor is ground with industrial metal diamond tooling, attached to an 850 lb planetary floor grinder.  This removes any imperfections and wax build-up from the floor.  This is imperative in exposing the fresh Terrazzo that has been hidden underneath the surface.

Once the floor has been removed of imperfections and the fresh Terrazzo is revealed, resin diamond flooring is used to bring the floor up to the desired level of shine.  Your floor will be transformed into a beautiful, cost effective and easy to maintain floor.

To keep the lustrous shine for years to come, the Concrete Treatments Polished Terrazzo system only requires occasional use of a diamond impregnated pad on your floor scrubber.

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Surface Prep and Coating Removal Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Concrete surface preparation is critical in any flooring situation. If the surface hasn’t been properly prepared, the resulting layers of epoxy, tile or carpet may not adhere properly.

We Are Concrete Surface Prep Experts

In our coating removal and surface preparation applications, we utilize industrial grade equipment to remove and prepare the surface for any type of application.

Whether it’s a slight grind to prepare for a floor coating or a complete overlay removal to get to solid concrete, we have the means to get the job done right and on time.

Rain Damaged Concrete Can Be Saved

Rained out concrete slabs can sometimes be restored and saved with our coating services.  Instead of ripping out the concrete or applying an overlay, contact us at 763.425.4800 for your options.

It may save you both time and money.

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